We have an extensive infrastructure in China.....Visit our sister sites for more information.

Learn more about our Inspection, Audit and Quality Services.

We have a team of 180 quality control staff situated around china, capable, experienced and well trained. We offer a comprehensive product inspection service, supervised loading, Audits, fixed costs , all backed up by our UK team.

A fully regulated legal team based in China. IP and branding experts, litigation and company law.

We offer a comprehensive range of legal services from litigation to protection. Call us today to and we will be happy to discuss your requirements

Do you need to visit China?

We have assisted in excess of 1000 companies visit China over the past 9 years. Our all inclusive visits to the Canton Fair grow in popularity every year with many clients returning year on year. We are the only company in Europe with an official partnership agreement with the fair organisers. Please take a look at our web site www.cantonfair.co.uk

Watch our amazing videos on google+

We have a selection of videos including our How to visit the Canton Fair, which has had an amazing 40,000 plus views on youtube. Watch them now, click the link below

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