Answers to your problems and sourcing issues. 

No news from your supplier? 

It happens more than you might imagine. Are the alarm bells starting to ring? No answers to your emails?

Our team will contact the factory on your behalf, attempt to re-establish connection and identify the issues.

Our team will endeavor to contact your supplier by phone, clarrify the situation and report back directly to you.



Sourcing Package 

  • 20 hours of sourcing work
  • Initial brief taken from the  client
  • Minimum 3 suppliers contacted (where possible) 
  • Full report generated with contact details and quotation 
  • Samples collected and sent to UK at additional cost if required.


Shipping Assistance

Have you got a consignment that needs moving from China? Do you need load consolidation or just a part load shipping. We deal with a large number of forwarders, sea, train or air, we can assist you in the movement of your consignments.

We will provide 3 seperate quotations. CIF, FOB , Door Door you choose and pay the forwarder directly.

Pre- Shipment Quality Inspection

Check the quality of your products before shipment. Avoid problems and resolve issues.

  • Man Day Inspection
  • All travel included
  • Full colour report delivered within 24 hours
  • Direct access to  the Quality Team.
  • Dont take the risk, its a lot harder to resolve when its in the UK 

Dont see what you need, call us today for a free appraisal. 0116 442 2055

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