Choose one of our fixed price packages. 

Dont take the risk , check before you ship

Bronze Package.

  • Company Check and pdf report.
  • Company Exports Status verified
  • Landline verification
  • Bank Account Confirmation
  • Factory or Trader? 
  • One Man Day Goods Inspection. Full report included ( see examples) 

Our base package. This checks your supplier and the quality of the products before shipment. The minimum we would suggest anyone importing from China should perform. Quick, efficient effective .....Book Today this could save yourself thousands!

Why take the risk ?  

Silver Package.


  • Company Check and pdf report.
  • Company Export status verified.
  • Phone Landline Verification.
  • Bank Account Verification.
  • Factory or Trader?
  • Short Contract detailing terms and conditions and product details, implemented in Chinese language, fully legal in China and defendable in our local courts. Signed and stamped by your supplier, covers free of charge re-inspection should your goods fail to meet the required standard.
  • 1 man day at factory inspection including full pdf report (options to upgrade).
  • 3 hours client and factory liaison included.

Our most popular product, detailing your supplier, the quality of your product and delivery terms and checking this with a one day man inspection. Designed for people spending in excess of $5,000, protect yourselves and your money.

Gold Package

  • Comprehensive company check including pdf.
  • Company export status verified.
  • Phone Landline verification.
  • Bank Account verification.
  • Factory or Trader?
  • Factory Audit and visit prior to initial production, full photographic log and Audit score delivered in pdf format 
  • Full detailed purchase contract including technical specifications, written in Chinese as the lead language
  • Critical path management 
  • Highly experienced account manager 
  • 5 hours negotiation and client liaison included 
  • Single man day inspection included full pdf report (options to upgrade)
  • Recommended for larger contracts in excess of $15,000

Our most comprehensive off the shelf package,  a robust purchasing solutions from the china experts. 

Need more hours?

Add in an additional 2 hours of office time with any of the packages above for an amazing £80 saving an amazing £40 on our normal rates! 

Our team will work efficiently and effectively to deliver the required results in the shortest and most effective manner. Highly experienced negotiators our team work with our clients to buy effectively eliminating the language barrier and mis-communication.

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